3rd Quarter 2022 Newsletter

In The Journey, In The Destination, We Are Anchored The previous two years have provided plenty of newsletter topics as our office has helped countless clients navigate financial questions brought about by uncertainty. Two years brought about some big changes in all our lives. But as people begin to emerge from the haze that uncertainty…

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2nd Quarter 2022 Newsletter

I’m Self Employed and I Don’t Know What To Do For Retirement Plans Being self-employed comes with so many great freedoms and rewards. There is nothing like the rush of entrepreneurism and watching the results of your hard work as you are building your own dream. We love to work with entrepreneurs for financial planning…

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1st Quarter 2022 Newsletter

Starting today, most of the people you know have made a commitment to themselves to start getting healthy. Outside of eating healthy Monday through Thursday only to blow it on Friday through Sunday consistently every week, I am mostly unqualified to give advice about getting in shape. But, I do know that stress can be…

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