In The Journey, In The Destination, We Are Anchored

The previous two years have provided plenty of newsletter topics as our office has helped countless clients navigate financial questions brought about by uncertainty. Two years brought about some big changes in all our lives. But as people begin to emerge from the haze that uncertainty creates, we take a moment to reflect and realize that not all changes were bad. In fact, we probably enjoyed some of the changes and they have stuck around. For our family, it was game nights and family walks. They were a welcome addition to our routine that has stuck around. For two years, we spent our time recognizing what truly mattered and who we wanted to be.

As I talk with friends and clients as of late, that seems to be the common theme‑reflection. As I reflect on the last few years at Anchor, I want to share with you the things that we believe are most important and the things we have held to tightly over that time: our values.

Anchor Wealth’s values start with a simple phrase.

In the journey, in the destination, we are ANCHORED.

But in that simple phrase, it is our promise to our clients and to each other. These words have helped us over the last two years as we have experienced a pandemic, economic downturn, and also growth in our office. Our hope is that our values are more than just words on a wall and that is why our team revisits them every week. We want our clients to feel these values with every interaction they have with a member of the Anchor team. Below are some of the ways our team has come up with to describe our values in action.


A scarcity mindset is the opposite of an abundance mindset. If you are always worried you don’t have enough then you will never have enough. A clenched fist is the best way to illustrate this. If you live life with a clenched fist, nothing will escape that fist. But at the same time, nothing will be able to enter that fist either. Are you keeping out something good by living a life in a scarcity mindset?


While our roles are to be advisors in people’s lives, we want to be confidants and trusted partners first. We do this by asking questions and leading with empathy. We don’t get fruit from a seed. We only get fruit when we provide the seed with the right environment and the correct nourishment to encourage it to grow and produce fruit on its own.


This is the fun in our expanded office. If I don’t know the answer to something, I know who will have the answer. We all have something to contribute to this world and allowing people to contribute through their own gifts is a joy to watch. And the end product is always better!


I could make the case that this one should be first, but HANCORED isn’t a word, so it didn’t work out. Our clients trust us to help them make the most important and consequential decisions in their lives. We want them to move forward with confidence, but that confidence must begin with trust. Everything we do is done with our clients’ interests first and foremost.


This one tends to provide for some fun internal debate in our office. Really good market analysts tend to be staunch realists and that’s what makes them good at their job. And the truth is, realists tend to be right more often. But optimists tend to get a little more because their idealism pushes them to seek a little more. It’s illustrated in the classic idiom; if you reach for the stars and miss, you still land on the moon.


We like to look at trends in our industry but the fun in our work is that no two clients are exactly alike. Their situations are unique, and their goals are different. Each new situation requires a new solution. We will never rest on what we’ve done in the past.


We never accept anything but the very best from each other. We don’t make decisions based on who we are today. We operate through the lens of who we want to be in the future because if the outcome is going to be different, the input also has to be.


We are problem solvers. We have to find solutions even when we only have a partial version of the entire situation. To solve a challenge, we have to look beyond the challenge to address the root cause. To quote Julie Andrews, “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.” (Bonus points if you can name the song and the movie)

Next time you meet with one of our advisors, know that they are anchored in these truths. Feel free to ask them about our core values, they will be happy to share their personal understanding of each!

Know Your Value(s)

In addition to the additional board games and walks that the previous years provided: I also committed more time to personal development. For me, that means reading. One of my most recent explorations is Scott O’Neil’s “Be Where Your Feet Are.”

The title alone provides a great lesson. Wherever you are, be fully present. If you are at a kids’ baseball game, be all in. The email can wait. In the book, O’Neil talks about the importance of values in our lives. He goes on to explain that every family should have their own set of values, a set of rules that define who they want to be as a family. In his family, they recite their values each night before family dinner.

Do you have a set of values for you and your family? If you’ve never thought of it, start now! Create a list of the non-negotiables in your life. What are the words that describe who you want to be as a person and as a family? When the list is complete, compare it to your current life. Then identify or re-establish the purpose of your money. Is the purpose of our money reflected in your comprehensive financial plan? If not, it may be time to talk to your financial advisor.


Team Member Spotlight: Cherry Johnson, Client Relationship Concierge

What does your day-to-day look like in the office?    

I’m the front face of the Rockford office when people walk in, so I try to give a warm welcome to everyone. Every day consists of something different, but I do a lot of general administrative work in addition to scheduling client meetings for the advisors.  

What has surprised you the most about your time with Anchor Wealth?    

The positive work culture and the care everyone has for the clients. Everyone here is so supportive and always willing to help each other. We have a wonderful team dynamic; I feel very lucky to be here.  

Do you have a particularly meaningful moment with a client you would be willing to share?    

I try to make every moment memorable with the clients. Positivity is contagious and sometimes it only takes a few kind words and a smile to brighten someone’s day! 

What is something that your coworkers would describe as “so Cherry”?     

FOOD!!! I love food and I think about it more than I should. I love talking about new places to eat. When other people in the office are talking about food, my auditory senses are heightened, and I gravitate toward the conversation. I believe that our office eats more now that I’m here. There’s always a reason to celebrate, right? 


Living Out Our Values

Our first value is abundance, and we recently got a chance to live that value. Our lives have been blessed and we want to share that blessing with our community. The Anchor team recently volunteered at the Rockford Rescue Mission.