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May 2024 Blog Newsletter

May Captain’s Log What Is Your Financial Independence Number? Do you know your Financial Independence Number (FIN)? Recently, I was listening to a podcast, and it was suggested that 99% of people do not know what their FIN is! The FIN is the amount of money someone needs to save to retire and live comfortably…

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April 2024 Blog Newsletter

April Captain’s Log How Much Should Someone Keep In A Money Market Or CD? We’ve all heard the analogy “cash is king!” If you’re still working and earning a living while being more than 24 months from retirement, a three- to six-month emergency fund is sufficient. There could be exceptions to this rule if you…

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Interest Rates: What Does 2024 Look Like if You’re Planning a Large Expense

Are you gearing up to purchase your first home? Buy a new car? Have another large expense on the horizon? Whatever your game plans, the key to successful financial planning lies in understanding the ins and outs of interest rates. Much like the external factors that influence the rise and fall of the ocean, interest…

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February 2024 Blog Newsletter

February Captain’s Log Mitigating Federal And State Estate Taxes Through Proper Planning And Communication An initiative at Anchor Wealth in 2024 is to have proactive conversations with our clients who may be affected by estate taxes upon their passing. Often, clients are unaware that certain states impose estate or inheritance taxes in addition to federal…

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October 2023 Blog Newsletter

October Captain’s Log NOW Is The Time To Share Anchor Wealth Management With Friends And Family! Read the headlines. United Auto Workers strike, nurses strike in Joliet, IL at Ascension St. Joseph Hospital, student loan payments restarted on October 1st, 30-year mortgage rates are almost 8%, and finally the political theater that is Congress. I…

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September 2023 Blog Newsletter

September Captain’s Log Reflect On Your 2023 Financial Goals As we approach the last quarter of 2023 let’s not be complacent in managing our personal finances! Let’s continue to be good stewards of the money we have each been trusted to manage. My wife and I have had conversations recently while revisiting our budget and…

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August 2023 Blog Newsletter

August 2023 Blog Newsletter August Captain’s Log College Planning for Illinois Residents Everyone is in the mindset of going back to school! The process of getting school supplies, working out childcare, pick up and drop offs, to lunches! It is a busy time of the year. There are a lot of moving parts. Parents may…

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Things To Consider When You Consider A Second Home

One of the most rewarding parts of my work as a financial advisor is watching people go from uncertainty about their future to confidence in their future. In the transformation, they go from reluctant goal chooser to relentless goal chaser. The confidence that comes from having a plan in place often leads to new, bigger…

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What You May Be Missing by Getting a Large Refund

You can always tell when it’s tax season. For me, it’s the notable change in advertising messages that go out. Retailers begin asking consumers to consider making a large purchase using the large sum of money they just came into. Receiving a large refund is celebrated as if it’s a holiday event and retailers are…

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Grandparents Raising Grandkids: Things to Consider

Parenthood is hard! But that truth makes grandparenting a joy for so many. I’ve heard many grandparents in my office talk about the joys of being a grandparent, while citing the reality that you get to have all of the fun without the same amount of responsibility! But for more than 3 million grandparents in…

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